Decorative Ponds & Water Features

The use of water features and garden ponds is an easy way to change a ho-hum landscape into an attractive, delightful environment for you, family, friends and wild creatures that will be attracted to it. Moving water has been found to be almost as attractive to birds as feeders. Selecting the correct fish for your pond will also add color and movement to a previously featureless yard.

Water features may run the gamut from small fountains or self-contained waterfalls to large garden pools with interconnected waterways. Many of these are projects that are quite inexpensive and may be completed in a day or two. Concrete fountains and self-contained waterfalls require a level area, free of obstruction, and electricity, a pump and water. If you are not using plants to provide natural filtration, you will need to consider adding a filter system or adding algicide to the water.

Larger projects, such as garden ponds, require more planning and a greater investment of time and expense. Decisions on whether to use natural stone, man-made pavers or bricks must be made, as well as whether to use a pre-molded pool or a flexible liner. Usually, pre-molded pools are more symmetrical in shape. Flexible liners allow the homeowner to be more creative in the shape of the pool. Flexible liners have improved in quality in recent years and some are guaranteed to last up to 20 years and are expected to last even longer.

The addition of water features or garden ponds to your landscape will add immensely to your enjoyment of your property. It will bring you closer to nature and will be a source of relaxation and pleasure for years to come.

Ponds & Water Features